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Bathroom Remodel Nashville

Welcome to Bathroom Remodel Nashville. Your one-stop-shop for all your local Nashville bathroom remodeling needs.

We understand finding quality remodeling contractors in Nashville TN can be quite a challenge. We want to try to ease that burden as much as we can. This is one reason we offer our free consultation to our Nashville bathroom remodel customers, so you can get a chance to know us before taking a hit on your wallet.

This local Nashville TN bathroom remodel company is here to help you from the beginning stages of your project like your bathroom remodeling ideas. To the final stages of the remodel itself and finishing the installation of your new fixtures.

For starters, you may have questions you need answers before you want to begin. Questions like how much is a bathroom remodel, are there any good bathroom remodelers near me, or who does the best bathroom remodel in Nashville TN?

We can answer all of these questions and much more! You can look through our site, give us a call, or visit us in person. Our employees are standing by to answer any questions you may have and also schedule you for your free consultation!

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About Bathroom Remodel Nashville

Bathroom Remodel Nashville has a mission for all its customers. We want to offer the very best in customer service as well as product quality at all times.

There are some Nashville remodeling contractors that charge much higher than the average cost of bathroom remodel prices. You do get a really well done remodel, as well as quality fixtures and materials. But why pay bathroom remodeling contractors such a high bathroom remodel cost?

There are other bathroom remodeling companies that seem to charge such a low rate it feels like a steal! This would seem like a victory for all customers looking for a bathroom remodeling in Nashville TN. But, this, unfortunately, means you are sacrificing a fair amount of quality for the price, and you may pay much more in the end.

That is why Bathroom Remodel Nashville wants to bring the best of both worlds to its customers. We want to give you a high-quality service without stretching yourself much further than you planned just by choosing a high-quality company.

At the end of the day, we want all of our customers to know that Bathroom Remodel Nashville puts our customers first, and we are here for you!

Why Choose Us?

Bathroom Remodel Nashville has years of experience in our field. Our completed projects and customer testimonials can prove our dedication and quality.

We offer a wide variety of services at one location so you do not have to spend time looking for various bathroom renovation Nashville TN companies. Instead, you can start with a free consultation for whatever your project may be.

We can assist with a bathtub remodel and bathroom shower remodel. We can also assist our bath remodel Nashville customers with various bathroom sizes. Such as a small bathroom remodel or a master bathroom remodel.

If you need ideas to get your project started, such as a small bathroom remodel ideas. Our consultants are here to assist you in bringing your dream bathroom designs to life and make the process as seamless as possible.

So if you are looking for the best services for bath remodeling Nashville TN has to offer then you found us! From the planning stages and on Bathroom Remodel Nashville is here for you!

What to Expect

When you first begin the remodel process your first step is to find a remodel company. Congratulations you have finished the first step.

Next, you will want to begin the actual design process and begin with ideas. This is the fun part! You can pick themes and moods regarding your bathroom. Do you want a bright and welcoming bathroom, or do you want mellow and relaxing as the main feel of your bathroom?

If you do not have any ideas of your own, that’s quite alright! There are a couple of things you can do to prepare yourself. For starters, you can research available materials. You can look online at websites such as ours, look through magazines, or even view T.V. shows that revolve around remodels.

If you still are having trouble deciding what you like, we offer ideas to our customers! We can help come up with ideas once you have a general direction you are looking to go with your remodel.

We ask you to do this as a benefit to you. If we chose all of the fixtures, lights, tiles, and colors. Then there is a good chance you may not get exactly what you were hoping for and we absolutely do not want your remodel to be a disappointment.

We will also want to visit your bathroom to take measurements. We will want to view the current state of your bathroom. Are there mold issues we need to be aware of, or walls you plan on moving during the course of your remodel?

After this is finished we will review materials and finalize design plans. Please note that if there are specific materials that need to be ordered this may prolong the completion date of your remodel.

After that, the remodeling process will begin. We will begin construction and complete the project as quickly as you can so you can relax in your new bathroom as soon as possible.



Full Bathroom Remodel

Let’s say you moved into your new house. You now dislike the paint, the old fixtures, and even the tile choices the previous owners chose for the bathroom. This is great news for you because we can offer you our full bathroom remodel service. We can help you with paint, new fixtures, vanity, lighting, tile, and more.


Bath Conversions

If you are wanting to change up your bathroom quite a bit but are not ready to commit to a full bathroom remodel that’s all right too! We offer our bath conversions service. We can remove your old tub and replace it with a shower that is perfect for you. Choose a new style, colors, and tile to have this simple replacement make your bathroom feel brand new.


Master Bathroom Remodel

If you are someone who spends quite a bit of time in their master bathroom then it may be time to consider our master bathroom remodel service. We can help to make your master bathroom unbelievably relaxing and a great place to begin your day as you get ready. We can help with new fixtures, lighting, and much more so sign up for your free consultation today.


Small Bathroom Remodel

Perhaps your master bathroom is not your problem. It is the small bathroom in your home you use as a guest bathroom that you hate sending guests to. Well, no worries because Bathroom Remodel Nashville has you covered there too! Let us help you with ideas to replace fixtures, lights, paint, and much more to turn your current guest bathroom into one you really love to send your guests to when they visit.


Walk-in Tubs/Showers.

If you are thinking about replacing your tub but are not sure because safety is a concern then we have an answer for that too. We can offer you walk-in tubs. Walk-in tubs have a watertight door that you can close after stepping safely over a very low step into your tub. Not only will your new tub look amazing it will feel safe as well. Call us today for the best walk-in tubs Nashville has to offer!


And More!

  • Lighting
  • Backsplash
  • Countertops
  • Sinks
  • Showerheads
  • And much much more!

About Nashville

Nashville is the capital city of Tennessee with a population of 692,587. Nashville is known for its legendary country music venues like the Grand Ole Opry House. It is also home to the Country Music Hall of Fame Museum.

The unemployment rate is 3.2% while the national average is 3.7%. The sales tax rate is 9.3% while the national average is 6.2%.

Surrounding cities include:

  • Antioch
  • Brentwood
  • Hermitage
  • Madison
  • Old Hickory
  • Joelton
  • Whites Creek
  • Pegram
  • And many more areas!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to remodel a bathroom?

This unfortunately is one of those questions where we cannot give a direct answer. This is because there are so many factors that go into your remodel price. Are you looking at a small bathroom remodel or a master bathroom remodel? Are you looking to simply replace fixtures or paint and tile as well? This is another reason we offer our free consultation. This way we can be as transparent as possible from the beginning with costs you may be looking at.

Do I need ventilation in my bathroom?

Yes, it is highly recommended you install a ventilation system in your bathroom. The reason why is because bathrooms are known for being incredibly humid. This can cause mold issues and in turn, can absolutely ruin parts of your bathroom. It can even ruin paint and cupboards.

What should I look for in my new bathroom fixtures?

The fun part about shopping for fixtures is you have so many combinations of styles and features to choose from. We recommend looking for fixtures that offer high quality, design, comfort, and efficiency. Fixture prices can add up quickly so be mindful of this while you are looking around for your new fixtures.

Customer Testimonials

Bathroom Remodel Nashville is the best! Not only were they upfront and honest from the start, but they also continued throughout the entire process. They warned me a couple of times of ideas I had that would knock me out of my price range, and were upfront when they found an issue with one of my walls as we began the construction process. I plan on remodeling my master bathroom next and these guys will definitely be the first I call.

Calvin G.

We replaced all of the fixtures in our bathroom. The speed at which these guys got this done was incredible. I was expecting the whole thing to take so much longer than it did and I am so glad I was wrong. The work ethic this company shows is wonderful and I just wanted to share that with everyone and recommend them to everyone.

Terry U.

I had an idea about what I wanted to do with my bathroom but wasn’t sure where to start. Bathroom Remodel Nashville gave me some wonderful suggestions about where to start and they let me take over from there. After that, they even helped with more ideas when I was feeling stuck again. It’s clear these guys enjoy their job and it made the process that much more fun for me.

Mike C.

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If you are considering a bathroom remodel but have no idea where to begin the first step was finding a company to help you in every aspect of the remodeling process.

Now you have found one! Bathroom Remodel Nashville always place our customers’ needs first and we want to assist you with designing and soon living in the bathroom of your dreams.

Call us today or visit us in person with any questions you may have regarding the remodeling process. We can then schedule you for your free consultation so you know exactly what you will be getting with our services. Call us today!

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